Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top ten flower tutorial

So while working on last month's album I knew I wanted it flower filled. As I was thinking about what flowers to use I decided to create a TOP TEN of my favorite flower tutorials.

Fan Flowers or even altered fan flowers

10. wildroses

9. Good old pin wheels for an even cooler touch add an edge punch. Or even circle pinwheels

8. My pal Allison's super easy folded flowers these look great made from material too.

7. metal flowers

6. kusudma flowers

5. passion daisy

4. Aster I also saw a tut using these steps but with felt and yarn twisted through. I think another strip of paper or ribbon twisted up and down as you curl the flower would look cool. And cutting slants you can get another aster like flower. And here's just one variation of the aster

3. glass flowers

2. GabrielaP's 6 petal rose

1. And my "most favoritest flower" elegant ruffled flowers


  1. I have just nominated you for the LIEBSTER award.

  2. Thanks for the tips...I will try some of these as I have been on a flower kick lately!

  3. Wow,great variety, nice list Stacey! THX~

  4. These flower tutorial are awesome Stacey and I'm definitely going to give them a try..thank you so much for sharing :)